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Being wanted, welcomed, and invited are some of the most healing experiences. Everyone longs to be seen.  It is our desire to give the "gift of mattering" to each person who comes across our path. 


Scroll through our menu for a variety of opportunities that await you and your beautiful soul.



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"I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to have a place like Rooted Souls to help women who are in the Health Care Industry or any industry, just as women in general I think we give so much of ourselves and forget to take care of us. I know as someone who is and Intake Coordinator for a treatment facility I talk to ladies all day long and it can be very draining. When you add family, friends and home on top of that life can be very overwhelming. I recently did the one day workshop on Artistic Journaling. When the day was over I wished for more time. I am someone who journals but mostly with words, this retreat taught me other methods of Journaling, binging out my artistic side. We all have one even if we don’t think we do. Being able to work on the project given and then processing that with the other ladies in the group as well as Misty and Janie’s expertise was amazing."

"Being a participant at the ARTistic Soul retreat was like taking a deep, cleansing breath of fresh air after holding my breath for many weeks.  As a professional woman, we so often meet others' needs without making the space and taking the time to nurture our own souls. Misty and Janie created a safe, creative, nurturing environment where we could fellowship together in our hurts and joys, and allow our deeper selves time to surface. I highly recommend Rooted Souls to any woman who would like to care for herself in a way that honors her own humanity, deepens her commitment to dream and desire, and opens her heart to joy."

"The art journaling retreat provided a wonderful warm and comfortable way to be deeply introspective and tap into a new avenue of creative expression."


"The day was a great time for independent reflection as well as connecting with a group of amazing women. The open, inviting community was just what I needed to dig a little deeper and let God work in and through me!"


"Thanks again Misty!" One day I hope to attend another retreat... So I'm sure I'll be seeing you around! Enjoy the beautiful sunshine today!"



May 19-20, 2017
Fearlessly Rooted – Weekend Retreat



June 24, 2017
Awake Your Soul – Day Retreat


July 7, 2017
Inner Critic for Teens – Day Retreat


July 8, 2017
Inner Critic for Adults – Day Retreat




August 11-12, 2017
Tribe Vibe – Weekend Retreat


September 22-23, 2017
Authentic Roots – Weekend Retreat


October 13-14, 2017
Nourish Your Soul – Weekend Retreat