Welcome - Take a virtual tour of Rooted Souls Retreat Center!
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Check out some of our 2016 day and weekend retreats focusing on being grateful, authentic, artistic, and fearless. Individuals from the local area and across the United States  joined together for a time of soul work!

Day Retreat Gallery

Artistic Soul Gallery

You do not have to be an artist to create and keep your own art journal. Each participant receives a blank journal to create in. You learn creative techniques for capturing emotions and personalizing your very own art journal to take home and continue using. So if you long for connection with your artistic soul, come explore, express, and celebrate in this creative experience.

Grateful Soul Gallery

Gratitude means thankfulness, counting your blessings, noticing simple pleasures, and acknowledging every that you receive. How would your life be different if you practiced daily gratitude? Join us to find out. Sine light on small things that make up the beautiful fabric of your own life. You will be soulfully grateful.

Weekend Retreat Gallery

Authentic Roots Gallery

So often we abandon ourselves to fit others' expectations. Each surrender of your feelings, truths, gifts, and originality becomes a "mini-abduction" of who you are. If you have traded in your authentic self for a mask, this retreat will help you look deep within to reclaim forgotten aspects of yourself. Make the journey to authenticity. Courage awaits you here.

Tribe Vibe Gallery

People today feel isolated and unconnected with the communities around them and many feel the longing for the kind of closeness and mutual support that the idea of a tribe conveys. Tribes evoke feelings of belonging, the possibility of a community to call your own. If your soul longs for such a connection: a circle of women who are compassionate, supportive, authentic, fun, creative... a tribe rich in love.

Fearlessly Rooted Gallery

What are you afraid of? Failure. Success. Uncertainty. Abandonment. Intimacy. Fear looses it's grip when you name it. At FEARLESSLY ROOTED you will engage in activities that will assist you in naming your fears, sharing them with others and getting your power back. Your freedom of fear begins with "the voice of truth." Come as you are and get rooted in him.