Trauma Intensives as part of Individual Therapy at Rooted Souls
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Trauma Intensives


Trauma affects everyone differently. Do you avoid conflict? Do you feel paralyzed by fear? Do you have difficulty expressing anger, anxiety, or sadness? Trauma can impact a person long after the event happened.

$100.00 PER HOUR

please contact us at 765-778-0881, leave a message and we will return the call as quickly as our schedules will allow.

Rooted Souls specializes in trauma related issues. The Rooted Souls Retreat Center has created a safe space to explore the barriers and find courage for the journey that awaits you.

Our intensives are not a typical entry point into counseling work at Rooted Souls. An initial consultation will help us get to know you and determine which services would best fit your needs and goals. The initial consultation appointment costs $125.00.

What is a Trauma Intensive?

It is a unique session, or in some cases a series, that are geared to help individuals overcome the lasting effects of posttraumatic stress. Individuals work through flashbacks, high anxiety, panic attacks, nightmares, or intrusive thoughts. These trauma-focused services may involve experiential activities and/or exposure therapy exercises that assist with emotionally processing and gaining victories over traumatic stress. Our intensives typically last 2-4 hours, allowing more opportunity to explore and solve difficulties that aren't easily dealt with in a traditional therapy session. These specific sessions are used to create space for a person to unpack an issue, while also having time for necessary closure, containment strategies, and grounding work with their counselor. Trauma intensive sessions and appointment lengths are recommended based on personal goals and safety needs, and may be recommended in conjunction with your more typical ongoing care.

These intensives are designed to address roadblocks, to solve areas you feel stuck, and to help you restore your emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Trauma work can be done during individual counseling sessions, and through individual assessment a Trauma Intensive may be recommended to address deeper issues affecting your quality of life.